BAME in Policing

BAME in Policing | Thursday 29th August 2019

Based on the Home Office findings, 93.4% of police officers were white, and only 6.6% from BAME groups. Whilst the number of BAME officers has almost doubled over the past decade, the number making senior ranks remains stubbornly low (at just 3.7%). Much more needs to be done to correct this overwhelming imbalance. 

The BAME in Policing conference explores the role of BAME individuals in policing and offers practical advice and coaching on how to develop your career and leadership capabilities in times of change. We will discuss together how we can manage the challenges of modern leadership and help ensure we don't lose momentum in recruiting, recognising and rewarding BAME leaders in policing.

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Why attend:

  • Identify the unique leadership challenges and opportunities facing BAME people in education today
  • Understand when and how gender plays a role in both organisational and personal advancement
  • Learn how successful BAME individuals negotiate for what they need to be effective leaders
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and attributes needed to be a successful leader
  • Raise the visibility of BAME people as senior leaders in education
  • Create a lasting network of BAME leaders across the sector who are effecting change in education

2019 speakers include:

  • Javid Rana, Chair, Association of Muslim Police
  • DCC Sunita Gamblin, Deputy Chief Constable, Lancashile Police
  • Jo Noakes, Director of Workforce Development, College of Policing
  • Tola Munro, President, National Black Police Association

Who should attend?

BAME in Policing is aimed at all those who aspire to increase BAME representation across the police workforce as well as those looking to move into a leadership role or those already in a senior role looking to progress. Presentations and workshops offer practical advice and coaching relevant to all BAME people across the whole police workforce.

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Public Sector
1 Place £295 (+VAT)
4+ Places £250 each (+VAT)

1 Place £695 (+VAT)


For more information regarding the event, please contact:

Annaliza Battison, Customer Services Assistant
0207 593 5657